Condor by A. Carlos Gomes

Opera in 3 acts
Libretto by Mario Canti

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Text by Sergio Nepomuceno (

Owing to religious precepts, Odalea, queen of Samarcanda, is not allowed to know human love. Adin, a page to the sovereign, is mocked when he announces that someone - the Condor - dares desecrating the royal castle. The new character openly declares his love for Odalea, who feels incapable of ordering his beheading, much to the court’s indignation. The Queen goes to the mosque to participate in religious rites, and her company is attacked by savage herds. Condor, against his mother’s pleads (she is the nomad Zuleide), goes to the rescue of his beloved and saves her. The Queen wishes to meet her saviour and Zuleide tells her that Condor, chief of the Order of Nere, is a son of the sultan Amurath. Defying her peers and her people, Odalea appoints Condor as chief, but the people do not accept him and threaten to kill him. Almanzor, a Caldean astrologer and wiseman of the court, announces that Odalea’s life is in danger because of her love. Condor offers to sacrifice his life in exchange for Odalea’s. A big fire starts in the city. Condor stabs himself to save the Queen. The people invade the palace and see Odalea leaning over the dead body of her beloved. Odalea, in her turn, throws the dagger to the floor and cries: "Now, you infamous people, tear my heart as well!", while the people scream in horror.

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A. Carlos Gomes
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