Sull' lago di Como
(la Regata)
Song by A. Carlos Gomes (1836-1996)
Text by _________ (-)

Marcus Aguiar, ten..
Fbio Gardenal, piano

New York, 1996
MP3, 236Ko

  Sur le lac de Cme

Rame, rame, marinier,

On the Lake of Como

Row, row, o boatman!
Row, beat those ores
From the first place in the race
Look up at that shore.

Your beautiful girlfriend
Looks at your boat always
Winner of the boat race
She will adore you even more.

An opponent still remains
And he is following you.
Extend your arms, break the waves
With one strike, he also will win.

You have won the flag...
Hooray, hooray for the boatman!