Song by A. Carlos Gomes (1836-1996)
Text by _________ (-)

Karie Brown, ms.
Fábio Gardenal, piano

New York, 1996
MP3, 191 Ko

    You are far away from me
But in my heart it seems
That you are near me.
In the fragrance of sweet love,
I caress your hair, your face
You are far away from me
But, as a messenger,
- if it is not an illusion -
And fast as the flight of thoughts
The sunset comes to talk to me about you
You are far away from me
But the morning opens the light of the day
Seems to kiss your hand
I see you in each object around me
And the melody of your voice
I seem to hear.
Although you are far from me, my dear,
I sigh for you and keep you in my heart.